Safe Ich Treatment?

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Thread: Safe Ich Treatment?

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    Harlequin Tuskfish
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    Thumbs up Safe Ich Treatment?

    I rarely take the time to discuss a product, but I was so happy with Ruby's Reef Kick Ich that I have to write a little. About 2 months ago I had a battle with ICH that I thought would claim my favorite fish, (dont they always seem to be the ones that get sick?) At the time my quarantine tank was curing live rock, (sat empty for months), and had some inverts, (snails and hermits), inside. What a problem! the whole reason you have a quarantine tank is to keep the inverts seperate, (maybe not the only, but one of them), and now they were in the way, (but no way the live rock was going into my main tank uncured). So I asked the people at the LFS and they recommended this product, said it wouldn't hurt the inverts, live rock, and would cure ich.

    I removed most of the inverts, but kept one cerith, one nerite, and one hermit to test. (Sorry guys it was for science), and treated the sick fish for ich.

    Everything excpet the ich survived the ordeal. Maybe that is anecdotal evidence, but for you without a QT tank, or who like me, changed the make up of the QT try this product before any others. It really seems to work.

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    Re: Safe Ich Treatment

    its still not reef safe.

    ~Welcome to my nightmare~
    I think you're gonna like it
    I think you're gonna feel you belong.
    A walk to vacation,
    A necessary sedation,
    You wanna feel at home cause' you belong.

    i say this as my best advice to a beginner. do not,,,and i repeat,,,,,DO NOT look at my tank as an example....i have a well practised eye, decades of experience, and a trunkload of failures to allow me to force the issue and get away with things most cannot~
    Quote Originally Posted by Amphibious View Post
    I couldn't agree more on your statement above. With 61 yrs in the hobby, the last 41 yrs in the saltwater end exclusively, I, too, can do things that others should NOT.

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    Re: Safe Ich Treatment

    The Effects of Various "Reef-Safe" Treatments on Xenia sp. in a Controlled Setting by Steven Pro - Reefkeeping.com

    Kick Ich ingredients:
    5- nitroimidazoles
    I believe this is potentially dangerous on bacterial levels in the tank although it maybe safe for invertebrates. Invert safe and reef safe are two different things imo...

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    Re: Safe Ich Treatment

    Perhaps another mythbusters is in order here?
    My 75 gallon

    Quote Originally Posted by BEELZEBOB
    moral of the story, dont wiggle things at cane spiders

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    Re: Safe Ich Treatment

    I like Johmaloney, was unfortunate to have fish added to the reef tank that developed ich, a ccb and b cardinal. I elected to use the Ruby's Kick Ich based on The Effects of Various "Reef-Safe" Treatments on Xenia sp. in a Controlled Setting by Steven Pro - Reefkeeping.com which after treatment as prescribed have no ich two weeks after completing the treatment and there is no losses to reef life you can see. I'm not saying there is not something on a bacterial level that suffered, just that no corals, snail, polyps, mushrooms, tube worms, mystic shrimp, little serpent stars or anything has shown much if any distress certainly no losses. I think I'll do a 10% wc now just to make me feel better about it. Yes, I would recommend this product to anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in an ichy situation.

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    Re: Safe Ich Treatment

    I have used no-ich from vish vets,and I had no ill effects on anything,and i have two nems,kicked the ich and everything,I was leary about it though,Its all bio degradeable
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    Re: Safe Ich Treatment?

    I am using no-ich. could someone give me a little detail on how the process went. How long did it take, how much no-ich did you add. Once you started did you have any resurfacing of the ich.

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    Re: Safe Ich Treatment?

    You are posting to a thread that is very old. I was told it didn't work in the long run.

    There are no shortcuts to dealing with this parasite. It is easier to keep it out of the aquarium system altogether, but getting it out once there is a matter of choosing one of the two common paths:

    Curing Fish of Marine Ich


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