How to 'coax' an anemone to move.

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Thread: How to 'coax' an anemone to move.

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    How to 'coax' an anemone to move.

    Hey everyone,

    I bought an already running tank about a year ago. One of the organisms it came with was a mini carpet anemone. The anemone has been doing fine and has actually split like three times. I now have four mini carpets on one rock. I would like to coax the 'babies' off this rock to transplant one to my other tank, and I promised the guy I got the tank from that he could have one if I found a way to get them to move (he gave me an AWESOME deal on the tank). The last one I will probably sell. Is there a way to coax the anemones to move to smaller rocks that I can remove from my aquarium? I know that I can't force an anemone to move without damaging it, but I constantly see people selling anemone 'babies' after their anemone has split. How do they get the anemone onto a rock that they can remove from the tank? Blast it with water flow or something? Only problem is I would like to try to keep mother anemone at the same spot. Don't want it to move. It's currently on the front of one of my larger pieces of LR right in full view. I didn't even know I had the thing for months until I redid my rockwork and it showed up out of nowhere. Must have been on the backside of the rocks out of view. I checked with the guy I bought the tank from because everyone was telling me it must be some type of mushroom. I was skeptical because it kept moving around the tank until it found a good spot (like anemones do), and it was MAJORLY sticky like carpet anemones. Anyhoo, he verified that there was a mini carpet in the tank. He had meant to keep it apparently but forgot to remove it from the tank before he sold it to me. I just want some good ideas on how to get them to move without majorly disrupting the aquarium.

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    Re: How to 'coax' an anemone to move.

    Ask Melev, he might give you some help. He kept them and was one of the pioneers of when the MC's first came to the hobby. Your have to creater a account though to ask at his site Reef Addicts - Reef Addicts - Home but he will be more then happy.
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    Re: How to 'coax' an anemone to move.

    I bookmark sites I find useful and I had this site bookmarked. Buying your BTA - Now karensroseanemones.net It may help you.

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    Re: How to 'coax' an anemone to move.

    One of my friends had the same problem with some nems he wanted to move to another tank since he was sick of them running over his corals.

    I had read about anemone hermits "tickling" the anemones on their old shells to get them to release so the crabs could move them to the new shells. I was half kidding, but I mentioned this to him. He's kind of impulsive, so he promptly grabs the rock this RBTA is sitting on and uses his finger to tickle the base of the nem. It took about 4-5 minutes, but the nem released from the rock, he scooped it up in a specimen container and planted it next to another rock in the anemone tank he set up. Within 2-3 minutes the nem was attached to the new rock.

    I would recommend wearing gloves for this trick (my impulsive friend's index finger tingled for a little while) but it appears to work for aquarists as well as hermit crabs. It wasn't a fluke, he moved a total of 3 anemones this way.

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